What is covered by my insurance?

Be it for several weekend trips throughout the year or for one adventure around the world, choose the cover that best suits your needs.

This table shows the available benefits per product type.

The insured risks and the scope of cover are specified in the policy and the Conditions of Insurance . For some covers a deductible might apply. Please refer to the overview of benefits in your Conditions of Insurance regarding this.

  Benefit Benefit Basis Basic Standard Superior


  • General advice
  • Medical advisory service
  • Medical assistance, expenses & repatriation
  • Bereavement advice
  • Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
  • Interpreting services
N/A Included Included Included
B Emergency Medical Costs Abroad Per Event Not included CHF 100’000 CHF 1’000’000
C Air Accident Per Person Not included Not included CHF 100’000*
D Search & Rescue Per Event CHF 30’000 CHF 30’000 CHF 30’000
E Cancellation N/A CHF 20’000
20% Deductible
CHF 20’000
10% Deductible
CHF 20’000
NO Deductible
F Flight Delay Per Event CHF 2’000 CHF 2’000 CHF 2’000
G Repeat Trip Per Event Not included Not included CHF 50’000

* If an insured event involves you and several other insured persons then the total benefit payable for all insured persons shall be limited to a maximum of CHF 10’000’000.

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