What am I not covered for?

This Policy does not cover any of the following.

1. General Exclusions:

Claims are excluded which are

  • incurred as a result of carrying out the following activities on the journey:
  • – riding;
  • – jet skiing;
  • – motorcycling (motorcycles are deemed to be all motorbikes, scooters, quads or trikes with an engine capacity of more than 50 cc);
  • – sports diving and diving beyond the maximum depth permitted for the diving certificate achieved;
  • incurred in connection with a professional activity during the journey;
  • that had already occurred or should have been known at the time the insurance was concluded or the journey was booked;
  • that were intentionally caused by you ;
  • that you have caused as a result of or during the deliberate commission of a criminal offence or the deliberate attempt to commit such an offence;
  • that have been caused either directly or indirectly by acts of war or civil war;
  • in relation to which the external loss adjuster such as e.g. a doctor is a direct beneficiary or is related to you by blood or marriage;
  • which are incurred under the direct influence of drugs, medication, narcotics or medicinal products;
  • which occur during active participation in:
  • – competitions, races and rallies or training for such races with motor vehicles or boats;
  • – competitions and training as a professional sportsperson or in connection with an extreme sport (e.g. skydiving, high mountain tours);
  • – dangerous acts by which a person knowingly exposes himself to a particularly great danger;
  • – driving a motor vehicle for which does not fulfil the statutory requirements;
  • – parachute jumping or piloting aircraft or flying devices;
  • massages and well-being treatments, including cosmetic surgery.

In addition to the general exclusions, specific exclusions also apply to the individual types of cover.

2. Cancellation and Curtailment of the Journey:

  • cancellation by the travel company;
  • official regulations making it impossible to undertake the journey.

3. Emergency Medical Expenses Abroad:

  • benefits for illnesses or accidents which had already occurred at the start of the journey. There is an exception for any unforeseen acute worsening of health due to a chronic condition;
  • any symptoms or illnesses existing at the start of the journey and the consequences and complications of such treatment abroad which was the sole reason or one of the reasons for undertaking the journey;
  • general check-up examinations and routine checks;
  • examinations and medical treatment due to pregnancy as well as childbirth and termination of pregnancy unless these become necessary as a result of an unforeseen acute worsening of the health of the mother or of the unborn child;
  • retention costs and statutory social security franchises;
  • accidents suffered by you as a result of mental disorders or impaired consciousness as well as accidents suffered as a result of epileptic fits or other seizures which affect your entire body;
  • damage to intervertebral discs as well as bleeding from internal organs and brain haemorrhages, unless these are caused by an accident;
  • for violent acts by third parties;
  • infections, unless these are caused by therapeutic treatments or surgery necessitated by an accident;
  • poisoning as a result of orally taking solid or liquid substances;
  • abnormal disorders as a result of psychological reactions which cannot be directly and causally attributed to a physical injury / a physical loss, even if these are caused by an accident.

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