What obligations does a policyholder have?

Here you can see what we need from you to offer you good travel protection.

Obligations are duties (before the conclusion of the contract, during the term of the contract and in the event of benefits becoming payable) which you must observe without fail in order to ensure that you do not lose cover either partially or in full.

You must:

  • before the conclusion of the contract:
  • – answer all questions in the application form truthfully and fully (pre-contractual duty of disclosure).
  • during the term of the contract:
  • – pay the premium on time;
  • – report any changes to your address or name;
  • – report any changes to the facts stated in the application which are relevant for assessing risk (increased risk).
  • after an insured event:
  • – visit a doctor as soon as possible and follow his orders;
  • – inform Chubb immediately.

Other duties can be found in the Conditions of Insurance and the Swiss Insurance Contract Act (VVG).


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